There are thriving Greek communities in all major Australian cities. Melbourne is has the third largest Greek population anywhere in the world after Athens and Thessaloniki. Greek is the third most spoken foreign language in Australia behind Chinese and Italian.

People of Greek origin have made important and valuable contributions to all aspects of Australian life including in business, politics, construction, education, sport and the arts. Greek culture and food are enjoyed and embraced by Australians.

There are countless jobs and education options for Greek people to choose from in Australia. Greeks are generally highly educated with excellent English language skills and can thrive in Australia, whether it is on a temporary or permanent basis. By coming to Australia, Greeks have the opportunity to live well and earn good wages.

Most Australian visas allow for multiple entry, which allow holders to regularly leave the country and return to Greece.

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  • The Australian economy is one of the strongest in the world.
  • Our cities are regularly voted most livable in the world. Melbourne and Sydney are where most Greeks in Australia live. These are vibrant coastal cities with excellent food and café culture and are open and friendly.
  • A safe and enjoyable lifestyle with great weather.
  • Transparent system of government. There is an abundance of jobs available for skilled workers.
  • The rate of unemployment in Australia is approximately 5% compared with 12.1% in Greece (figures for February 2010).
  • The current Greek graduate unemployment rate is 21%. Australia only has a graduate unemployment rate of 5.2%.
  • After two years of work or study in Australia, you may become eligible for Australian permanent residence. As an Australian permanent resident or citizen, you do not need to relinquish your Greek citizenship.
  • Australia has a high quality education system with a reputation for excellence.
  • Australian courses and qualifications are internationally recognized.
  • Cheaper study and living expenses compared to many other countries.
  • Permission to work part time while studying.
  • Well recognised skills and qualifications to support a career on your return to Greece.
  • The Greek community in Australia is strong and influential and well-respected in Australia.


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